Monday, May 25, 2009

Out My Back Door

And so the weekend is coming to a close. I have been busy with my e-store trying to fgure out everything I want to post on it. This afternoon we finally got outside and drove out to the desert to look for Wonderstone. We found quite a nice lot that I can put in the tumbler.

Wonderstone is Rhyolite. I hadn't known a lot about the magickal properties of the stone until I did a little homework and had to laugh a little at myself when I read it. Apparently, Rhyolite is a volcanic stone. It does contain a lot of quartz. The Wonderstone here is banded, and highly valued for it's red, brown, deep blue and green "Bullseye" patterns.

The magickal properties associated with Wonderstone deal with making your goals and dreams in life a reality. It helps one to go through the changes necessary, in a prudent manner, to achieve those goals. It is a meditation stone that helps one to remember why we are here, helps to strengthen the mental facilities, and also helps us to resolve past issues. I read also that it represents change, creativity, variety, progress, insight and self-realization. All things I have going through...and I have about 600 pounds of the stuff in my backyard...near our bedroom window. Hmmmmm....coincidence?! I think not.

Since my last blog, I have been working harder on my bead murals, my creativity is going through the roof, I have been working in the backyard to get it cleared and working on myself. The physical side of me is a whole different subject right now. (To be Continued Later)

I also have been learning to boost my energy using psychic exercises. They are designed to help me "fed" my lack of of energy that I just don't seem to be able to create on my own anymore. It's working and I find that fi I don't do them every couple of weeks or so, I am practically dragging myself around...napping during the day...and generally feeling really crappy. My thanks to Michelle Belanger for herlp in this matter. Bright Blessings to you Sister!

Nothing is handed to you...nothing is free. We have to learn to help ourselves to live the lives we wish for. It isn't granted to us, and we have to work hard for it. Many people are learning the old values now the hard way. Some of us a relearning them. It is definitely a time of radical change and introspection. It will be very interesting to see what we do with this situation. Very ineresting, indeed.

Whoa! That was heavy...must be the Wonderstone. works!